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Serving in the Dominican Republic and around the world.


Phone Numbers

E-mail Addresses

STV Stateside Address

Sharing The Vision

P.O. Box 110007

Bradenton, FL 34211

We want to hear from you. Please use the information provided below to contact us. Use the appropriate information when corresponding. We look forward to hearing from you. GOD BLESS!

Use the above address when corresponding to the STV missionaries or when you want to send  a care package directly to them. Agape Flights is a missionary aviation service.

For written inquiries to the STV office and sending in tax deductible donations.

STV Missionary Addresses

STV Mission House

MagicJack:  317-641-4140


Jim White cell:  1-809-223-6612

Teresa White cell:  1-829-380-1985

STV Administor:  [email protected]


STV in the DR:  [email protected]


Jim & Teresa White:  [email protected]

When calling the Dominican Republic from the U.S. dial 1+ the area code and the number. It is the same as calling long distance in the United States.

Jim & Teresa White, STI 8750

c/o Agape Flights

100 Airport Ave.

Venice, FL 34285